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Azot Nrich

Free living N₂ fixer and plant growth promoter


Azot Nrich can be applied to many non-leguminous crops. It is free living and non-symbiotic nitrogen fixing organism that also produces antibiotics 

that suppress many root pathogens. They promote seed germination and initial viguor of plants due to production of growth promoting substances (IAA, Gibberellin and Cytokinin) by this bacterium.


Recommended Crops

It can be used for non-leguminous crops like cereals especially rice, millets, oil palm, vegetables, fruits, cotton (Gossypium spp.) and sugarcane (Saccharum spp.).


Azot Nrich

  • Quality Standards

    Azotobacter chroococcum, minimum of 5x10⁷ colony forming units (CFU)/g of product.


    Dosage: 10g/acre


    Shelf Life: One Year


    Packing Quantity: 10g

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