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Bioavenger (Foliar)

Bioavenger (Foliar) is a bio control agent based on microorganisms and their products that have proven to be highly effective, species specific and eco-friendly in nature, leading to their adoption in pest management strategies. The mode of action depends on contact and they infect and kill suckinginsect pests such as aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, whiteflies, scale insects, all types of mites and majorlepidopteran, dipteran and coleopteran pests. It is compatible and synergistic with commonly used chemical, herbal and biological insecticides.


Recommended Crops
Efficacy can be equal to or better than conventional products, especially for crops like cereals,vegetables, fruits, flowers pulses, coffee, tea, ornamental and plantation crops.


Target Pest/Disease

Effective against sucking insect pests like aphids, white flies, caterpillars and mites.


Bioavenger (Foliar)

  • Quality Standards
    1×10⁸/g minimum of colony forming units (CFU)

    Shelf Life: 2 Years


    Packing Quantity: 10g and 100g



  • Method of Application

    o Spraying: 1 gm / L water (or) 70-100 g / acre, depending upon the severity of the pest/disease incidence

    o Soil drenching: Mix 1 g / L of water. It can also be mixed with FYM and broadcasted in the field


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