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Water soluble formulation with beneficial microbes


BIOCARE is a microbial formulation which increases the immunity system of the plant, enhances their yield, and protects them from different types of soil-borne diseases.


Recommended Crops

All vegetable crops like tomato, chilli, brinjal, okra, potato and other crops.


Target Pest/Disease

The parasitic action of the beneficial fungus & bacterial spores effectively kill pests like root grub, nematode and termite.

Biocare (Foliar)

  • Quality Standards

    1×10⁸/g minimum of colony forming units (CFU)


    Shelf Life: Two Years


    Packing Quantity: 25g, 100g and 250g

  • Method of Application


    • Spraying: 2 – 3 gm / L water (or) 250 gm / acre, depending upon the severity of the disease incidence
    • Soil drenching: Mix 2 – 3 gm / L of water. It can also be mixed with FYM and broadcast in the field
    • Seed treatment: Apply 2 gm per kg of seed.
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