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Granular formulation fortified with beneficial microbes


BIOMODULATOR is granulated organic manure fortified with beneficial microbes for improving seedling establishment, growth, vigour and health of the plants. It works by initiating and modulating the natural immune system in treated plants and effectively protects the root zone from many soil borne plant pathogens.


Recommended Crops

Garlic, Onion, Rice, Banana, Cumin, Tomato, Chillies, Brinjal, Potato, Groundnut, Carrot and Cotton.


Target Pest/Disease

BIOMODULATOR is a Unique Biocide for maximizing growth & yield of targeted crops. It has parasitic action of beneficial fungus & bacterial spores against pest like root grub, nematode and termite.

Biomodulator (Soil)

  • Quality Standards

    1×10⁸/g minimum of colony forming units (CFU)


    Shelf Life: Two Years

    Packing Quantity: Bulk

  • Method of Application


    • Seed treatment: 4 to 5 kg/acre as basal application. If required, second

           application at 25 days of sowing/transplanting

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