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Seed Coating Polymer


BIO POLYCOTE is a polymer used for coating seeds, forming a film around the seeds. These polymers are aqueous based and designed for use with seed treatment chemicals and biologicals. They are non-phytotoxic in nature and environment friendly.


Benefits of Bio Polycote

  • Seed coating polymer helps to produce a seed of the best quality and ultimately a good crop
  • Eliminates dusting off of pesticides/biofertilizers, resulting in healthier seeds with better protection
  • Enables uniform coating of the pesticides/ biofertilizers on the seeds.



50ml/seeds required for one acre area



Bio Polycote

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with pesticides and foliar fertilizers.


    Packing Quantity: 250ml, 500ml,1L, 5L, 20L and 50L

  • Method of Application


    • Seed treatment: Mix 50ml of BIO POLYCOTE in 500ml of water. Add pesticides/ biofertilizers. Slowly pour this solution and thoroughly mix with seeds required for one acre. The treated seeds are shade dried for 5 – 15 minutes and are ready for sowing
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