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Nutririch Granules

Nutririch granules contain the required major and micronutrients with more K along withinfective propagules such as spores, vegetative hyphae and root bits of VAM.



Benefits of Nutririch Granules

When nutrients are supplied in organic chelated form, they are rapidly absorbed, translocated and metabolized by the plants. Organic chelates are much more easily absorbed by plant roots,since they are of organic nature.


Chelated nutrients are less reactiveto soil conditions and can significantly enhance nutrient
uptake VAM helps in the absorption of phosphorous nutrient, micronutrients andwater from
farther and deeper regions of soil by forming network of fungal mycelium around the roots.

VAM reduces infection by soil borne pathogens and nematodes by competing with themin
colonizing the roots and blocking the port of entry in the root system.


Recommended Crops

All cereals oil seed, pulse crop, Vegetable, ornamental and plantation crops.

Nutririch Granules

  • Composition: Concentrated Glomus spp.
    Spores and fragments of mycorrhizal fungal species with infectedroots - 0.15%
    Additives - 4.05%
    Inert carrier -95.80%


    Dosage: 3 Kg/acre


    Shelf Life: Two years

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