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Rhizosym Nodmore

Nodule forming symbiotic N fixer


Rhizosym Nodmore has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen in symbiotic association with root-nodule forming leguminous plants. Along with this, inoculated legumes found to leave behind some residual nitrogen in soil after harvesting. It is advantageous to the subsequent crop. Response to inoculation has been found to be beneficial for principal legumes such as Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan); Chickpea (Cicer arietinum), Green gram (Vigna radiata), Black gram (Vigna mungo)Soyaben (Glycine max) and broad bean (Vicia faba).


Benefits of Rhizosym Nodmore

  • Represents a renewable source of N for agriculture
  • Forms effective (N₂ –fixing) symbioses with their host legumes under salt, heat, and acid stresses, and can sometimes do so under the effect of heavy metals.
  • Increases nodulation, N₂ fixation, N availability and N uptake in the inoculated plants
  • Contributes N in the range of 23-300 Kg ha-1 year-1depending on crop, soil and environmental conditions
  • Yield increases of crops are often equivalent to those expected from application of 30 to 80 kg of fertilizer-N ha−1
  • Improves soil health and benefits the succeeding crop


Recommended Crops

Rhizosym Nodmore can be applied to legume crops like Soybean, Beans, Green peas, Groundnut and pulses like Green gram, Black gram, Chickpea.

Rhizosym Nodmore

  • Quality Standards

    Rhizobium spp. for pulses and cowpea Bradyrhizobium japonicum for soyabean, minimum of 5×10⁷/g colony forming units (CFU)


    Dosage: 10g/acre


    Shelf Life: Two years


    Packing Quantity: 10g

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